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In 2007 the angels came to Starr Fuentes and requested that she co-create a service with them. The angels had been carrying the burden of the questions of mankind from the beginning of time and requested mankind’s permission to let them go. Starr accepted and thus The Original Angel Service was created. Since then two more services have been received. A total of twelve are planned.

The original Angel Service opens with a mass-entrance of angels via the South Pole of the Earth. Then, through call and response between humans and angels (the angels’ parts read by humans) mankind gracefully acknowledges the concerns of the angels and agrees to the letting go and clearing of all questions formerly placed upon them. A mutual reconnection is then established with both humans and angels recommitting to their chosen roles in the divine plan. Human gratitude is expressed, angelic gratitude is expressed, and the angels depart through the North Pole.

These services can be performed anywhere, at any time, by any one so long as they have read through to completion the versions provided on this site. A complete read-through is required to activate the appropriate energies for optimal effectiveness of the services. Downloadable programs are available at the completion of the services.

Read the services here:

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